Louis-Hubert REMY




«Gaude Maria Virgo, cunctas hæresses sola interemisti»

Rejoice, Virgin Mary

You alone have destroyed all heresies

Referring to the Mass Salve, sancta parens


The Church is eclipsed


No other expression better summarizes the situation

No other expression better explains the crisis

No other expression gives a better solution


The Very Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of France, does not come down from heaven for nothing. With Her, with us, in La Salette, in 3 sober words, She has taught us everything.

Who is better theologian than the Queen of heaven, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, Mother of the Church?

Who would be crazy enough to dare not to listen to Her, to dare to correct Her, to contradict Her?

The Very Holy Virgin Mary could have said: “The Church will be shaken, destroyed, abolished, lost, demolished, buried, rubbed out, ruined, wiped-out,» She did not say it.

She could have said «The Church will be cut down, reduced to nothing, abolished, humbled, profaned, humiliated, and abandoned”. She did not say it.

She could have said: «The Church will be changed, modified, transformed, reformed, refreshed, renewed, and renovated». She did not say it.

She could have said: «The Church will be blackened, plunged in darkness, smashed, extinguished, razed, surrendered, overthrown, overpowered”. She did not say it.

She could have said: «The Church will be hidden, disguised, smashed, choked, broken up, seduced, and betrayed». She did not say it.

She could have said: «The Church will be infiltrated, surrounded, besieged, shut in, outwitted, distorted, and corrupted». She did not say it.

She could have said: “The Church will disappear, be unsteady, will totter, will wobble”. She did not say it.

She could have said: «The Church will be OCCUPIED» She did not say it.

Each of these words and the list is far from being exhaustive, has a very precise meaning and relates to a different reality. The Very Holy Virgin Mary did not choose any of these words.


The Very Holy Virgin Mary said: « THE CHURCH WILL BE ECLIPSED».

She only said that.

So Let us learn how to read correctly in order to understand correctly, and let us meditate her teaching.


An eclipse is: The partial or total disappearance of heavenly body by the intervention of ANOTHER (Larousse dictionary).

Or the temporary overshadowing of a heavenly body whose light is shut out by the intervention of ANOTHER HEAVENLY BODY» (Quillet)

These two definitions talk to us of TWO HEAVENLY BODIES, of light, of intervention, of disappearance, of partial or complete temporary overshadowing.

The most well-known example of an eclipse is that of the sun by the moon. The sun is overshadowed and the sunlight disappears temporally, partially or completely by the intervention of the moon. Only the moon, a dead body, is visible.

The eclipse happens in an unexpected way, surprising, astonishing, terrifying for someone who does not know it. But an eclipse does not last very long.

Someone who sees an eclipse can only accept it. He cannot do anything. He contemplates and waits without changing anything until it ends. The return to light is nevertheless a release. The eclipse of August 11th, 1999 was a beautiful example.


Let’s look at each term and let’s try to understand what exactly the Very Holy Virgin Mary wants us to understand.


a) There are two heavenly bodies (star: a heavenly body). One is eclipsed. The other one eclipses. They are two different stars, two heavenly bodies.

The Very Holy Virgin Mary tells us that the eclipsed heavenly body is the Holy Church

The Holy Church is the society of all Christians unified by the profession of the same Faith

The doctrine of Christ

The observance of Its Law

The practice of Its Sacraments

And submission to the legitimate pastors who are the pope and the bishops of its communion.

The four notes of the Holy Church are Unity, Apostolicity, Holiness, and Catholicity.

It consists of the Church Militant, Suffering and Triumphant.

So the heavenly body which eclipses is not the Holy Church. It is something else, it is another heavenly body. Since it is another heavenly body, it cannot come from the Holy Church which is ONE and one alone.

The conciliar church is not one, is not holy, is not apostolic, neither catholic. (Read the study on the new ritual of consecration : “Are the bishops consecrated according to the new rite, are they really bishops?” 66 pages http://www.rore-sanctifica.org/ ).

Moreover, this heavenly body comes from somewhere else.


Two questions come to mind: Where does it come from? What is it?

The answer is obvious for people who have the Faith: “Whoever is not with Me is against ME”

It can only come from the Enemy.


b) It is the light of the Holy Church which disappears, which is overshadowed, complete darkness.

It is not the Holy Church which disappears, which is overshadowed: It is only hidden, will appear again.

The word «overshadowed» is interesting because it forces one to think of «occult sciences» it comes from occultism which is the science of occulting things, reserved to initiates.

And since there are only two banners and two sides, that Our Lord Jesus Christ and that of the Enemy, how can one understand that the other heavenly body is that of the Enemy, master of occult sciences?


c) This disappearance, now partial, will surely become total. Then we will be in deepest darkness. We will only see the other heavenly body, which will take all the space and will want to be taken for the Holy Church.

The apogee should come when people try to replace the Decalogue of God by the decalogue of Satan.

And if the eclipse is total, nothing of the Holy Church will apparently remain: the Tradition will be either martyrized or obliged to hide. The rosary will be the only thing left to us, as several clear-sighted people have foretold.


d) As during an eclipse of the sun, we do not move and we wait for the end of the eclipse. Because in the second that follows the apogee, the Light comes back. Which is what some people have seen, saying: “When everything has been lost, all will be saved”.


e) It is a temporary disappearance. It does not last. We are sure that the light of the Holy Church will come back…. of course, at the end of the eclipse.

The eclipse cannot remain in place: the Power of Hell will not prevail against Her». (Prevail: to have the advantage of, to be superior, to take over, to dominate, pre-dominate, to triumph).


f) Another aspect of an eclipse is that it happens in silence, so much so that, to define someone’s discrete and silent departure, we say in French, he becomes eclipsed.

During His Passion, Our Lord, before Caiaphas, the spiritual power, «kept silent» and only answered one question, the one which concerned the spiritual power: «Are You Christ, the Son of God?

Before Pilate, the temporal power, He stayed silent, and only answered one question, the one which concerned the temporal power: “Are You the King of the Jews?”

Before Herod, the spirit of the world, (in French the words: monde  et  démon – world and devil – have exactly the same letters) He stayed silent. A Great lesson that Our Lord teaches us.

The devil strangles the voice of the Church, he persecutes those who preach the Church, proving that way that he is the master of the conciliar sect.

Before the devils who cry out and who through lying take the place of the Church of Our Lord, putting themselves at his head and having the insolence to say: “I am the Catholic Church”, our role is for many of us to keep silent.

Only a few will have the vocation of defending the glory of God. Through humility and patience, the others will have to prepare themselves to rebuild.


g) To eclipse, is «momentarily to prevent usually shining bodies from being visible». (Hachette Dictionnary of Synonyms p.633 (obscurcir) The eclipsed object does not change at all, and so the Holy Church is not at all modified”.

The Church is there to shine, because it is bright, in fact, it is light itself. (Like our Lord (it is the same for Jesus Christ and His Church, the Church is Jesus Christ transmitted to us and continued), it is “the light of the world” John, VIII, 12). The Church is the sun which is no longer visible, which we cannot see anymore. Its light does not break through anymore… for a moment!

During an eclipse, only those standing in the shadow are completely aware of this eclipse. It is the same phenomenon with spiritual darkness: Only those who have the true faith and who are persecuted can understand the eclipse of the Church. The others do not see anything and do not understand anything.


h) It is often said that our age is equivalent to the moment of Christ’s Passion, and that the Church lives this Passion.

It rather seems that the Church and the Popes have lived the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ since the French Revolution, and that since the first day of Vatican II Council we live the appearance of death.

Our age is rather the hour of Darkness, the hour of Satan’ power, the hour which precedes the triumphal Resurrection of the reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The conciliar sect is the Church of darkness, the church of death, the church of Satan.


I) the eclipse started at the beginning of the Council of Vatican II.

Let’s quote the important word which Jean Guitton (Paul VI’s friend) confided to Michèle Reboul, his secretary:


«The Catholic church died the first day of Vatican II’ COUNCIL. the oecumenicAL church took its place. It should not be called catholic but oecumenicAL”.


Jean Guitton says rightly that from the first day of the council, another church appears, another church which is not the Catholic Church anymore, and which he calls, very rightly the ecumenical church.

But Jean Guitton is wrong in saying that the Catholic Church is dead. It is simply eclipsed.

On the point of death, Cardinal Liénart would have a similar expression: «Humanly, the Church is lost». Humanly yes. But the Church is divine and cannot be lost.


J) In order to eclipse the gigantic heavenly body which is the Holy Church, and to eclipse it over all the face of the earth, there had to be an even bigger heavenly body. This is the reason why, to the conciliar sect, one had to add all the enemies of the Church, a hideous, ugly and deformed body, whose whole monstrosity we will discover when the eclipse ends.


Why this eclipse?


Our Lord came to the earth to re-establish the Kingdom of His father, and to destroy that of the prince of darkness. But,

«According to the teaching of the apostles, says the voice of centuries, a day will come when Satan, full of rage against Jesus Christ and Christians, will regain the territory that he lost, he will assert his reign and will spread it far. Then he will throw himself on Rome, because she is its rival and the Popes’ home. He will become the master of Rome, he will put to flight the Vicar of Jesus Christ, will persecute the true faithful and will slaughter the religious and priests.” Cornelius a Lapide, Suarez, saint Robert Bellarmin. Quoted by Mgr Gaume, The Situation p.28, 1860 (we understand why Mgr Gaume is spurned and hated by the enemy. Never quoted, persecutated (his short catechism was published 900.000 copies : we never find any) He wrote 83 manuals impossible to find. He died in the odour of Sanctity. Fortunately all his work (as a catholic writer) is just being republished by the Editions Saint Rémi, BP 80 – 33410 Cadillac – FRANCE).

«Now this ancient enemy, «homicide according to the principle» (John, VIII, 44) has arisen with vehemence “disguised as an angel of light” (II Cor. XI, 14) with a hord of perverted spirits, runs all over the earth, places himself everywhere in order to abolish the Name of God and of His Christ, to steal, to destroy and to throw into endless damnation those souls, who should crown eternal glory. A dragon injects into men, mentally depraved and corrupted by the heart, a river of abjection: his malicious virus, his spirit of lies, of impiety and of blasphemy, the mortal breath of vice, of lust and, of universal iniquity.

«The Church, spouse of the Immaculate Lamb, is saturated with bitterness and flooded with poison by very clever enemies; they put their impious hands on what ever the church desires as most sacred. Here where the seat of the blessed Peter was founded, and the Chair of Truth, here they have set the throne of their abomination in impiety in such way that the Shepherd is struck the flock can be scattered. O, saint Michael, invincible chief, stand by the people of God who are entangled with the spirit of iniquity, give them victory and make them triumph”. Leo XIII’s Exorcism of iniquity against Satan and all apostate angels, 1884


This entire conciliar sect is then a lie. Its real origin and its real nature is a lie:

- At first, to disguise itself and make believe it is the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ;

- Then to replace the real Church, and take its place.

- Finally to hide, to persecute, to destroy the Holy Church.

This is what it has done for 40 years.


Under the false pretext of changes, it has destroyed everything.

It has destroyed truth, theology, the dogmas, the sacraments, the liturgy, discipline, the elites, the fighters, the missions, teaching, will power, etc., everything which is necessary for eternal life.

It does not teach the same Faith anymore. It destroys the true Faith. It replaces the only true end, which is the love of God, through the love of man.

It blasphemes against the first commandment, respecting all other religions, whose father is the devil.

It does fight the enemies of the Christian name anymore, worse; it calls them its friends.

It is not One indivisible anymore, it is not Holy anymore, it is not Catholic anymore, it is not Apostolic anymore.

What was good becomes bad, what was bad becomes good; the truth becomes false, the false becomes true. There is no more sin, only to remain catholic.

“The religion of man who has become God, has taken the place of God who became man.

No more does it preach the Solus Sanctus, the Solus Dominius, the Solus Altissimus. Anymore….

It spends its time attacking the known truth, one of the six sins against the Holy Spirit, sins, (Let’s recall the five other ones: presumption, despair, every other’s grace, obstinacy and final impenitence. Opposed to the effects of the grace of the Holy Spirit, they are pardoned with more difficulty than the others because they exclude the predispositions of the soul through which the remission of sins is granted. (II, II, q.14, a.3) Not to be confused with sins which cry to heaven and which provoke divine revenge in a particular manner, a divine revenge ; it is homicide, sodomy, oppression of the poor, unjust deductions from workers’ salary, sins not easily pardoned.

It fights only one group, those who want to remain faithful to the Church of always. It fights the Holy Church of always by accusing it of multiple faults.

It wants to conquer the whole world and for that it uses every artifice and every suggestion. It will try to erase all true Christians. It is the church of the antichrist.

The consequences of this teaching are very grave. There are two opposed churches, two opposite churches, adverse, and hostile.

One can only live in one church, and from one church. And when one believes and does everything which has always been believed and done, one must reject EVERYTHING of the other.

Indeed the other church does the same thing; it rejects everything which does not belong to itself.

One cannot, under pain of apostasy, accept such or such part of the other, as small as it is.

One cannot accuse it of one or two mistakes, or religious freedom, or ecumenism, or authority, or the sacraments, or….

We must blame it for EVERYTHING, refuse EVERYTHING.

One must refuse its «teaching», its «catechism», its «dogmas», its «rituals», its «sacraments», its «hierarchy», its «popes», etc. etc.

Every day, we observe that the faithful and the conciliar priests do not have the Catholic Faith.

They even lose the catholic notions of truth, falsehood, good, and evil.

It is certainly the result of the fact that conciliar faithful and priests never confess or almost never (and then, what confession?) Il is evident that:





LET US REFUSE every LABEL which is not A catholic ONE.


Let’s not be traditionalist or integrist or lefebvrist or sedevacantist. Let us refuse all these terms, practical as they are to define groups, but which mutilate us and do not relate to the truth.


This must be our only flag that we must raise aloft, this must be our only cry that we must publish with energy, and this must be the only name of which we must be proud.

If tomorrow God asks a few people to testify until martyrdom they will have like their elders only God’s glory and react with gallantry.

Usually the first martyrs are priests, the religious, for this there are two reasons:

- The first one is to compensate sins: The Justice of God holds pure consecrated souls, to the example of our Lord;

- The second one is, to be an example and to give courage to those Christians who will have deserved the grace of martyrdom.

One must not be careless, because in the past for one who was able to stand martyrdom, ten apostatized. Today, without persecution how many have already apostatized for fear!

Finally, we should know that the only way to stand fast is to commit itself to Jesus with calm and trust. To bear martyrdom is always impossible, it is always miraculous. The only thing which is asked is to commit our will with humility in His Holy Will. With Him, we can do anything, without Him we can do nothing.

So let’s not forget that we are not yet in the Church Suffering or Triumphant Church. We are in the Church Militant, and through the Sacrament of the confirmation we are Jesus-Christ’s soldiers.

Let’s not be peace time soldiers, let’s not be parade or parlour soldiers of humanitarian action, let’s not be soldiers of whining, weak, let us be courageous soldiers, happy to fight for such a great King, for such a great cause: His glory is our eternal salvation. We are not asked to win. Our duty is to fight.

Let’s at least be Christians worthy of our elders, worthy of the greatest combats.

“Give to all of those called Christians, the grace to reject everything contrary to that name, and to following what is in conformity with that name” (Collect of The IIIrd Sunday after Easter)

The very Holy Virgin Mary has truly said and prophesized everything with this aphorism: The Church is eclipsed.

For if we keep on thinking of what an eclipse is, we cannot explain it better than by using the eclipse of the sun by the moon. And so!

When there is an eclipse, there is a partial and then a total disappearance of the real source of light.

The second heavenly body (the moon) seems to be luminous, but with a pale light, which does have its source within itself, and which is only the reflection of sunlight.

In the same way the conciliar sect has a bit of light, a pale light, which does not have its source within itself, but in what remains to it of the Catholic Church.

At the beginning, the conciliar hierarchy was made of a hierarchy created in the Catholic Church (But the second generation has nothing left of the catholic church. It is completely ecumenism and charismatic). It was the full moon, the honey moon (the first month, the first period of marriage) of the conciliar sect. The leaders of this hierarchy (Men full of all kinds of tricks and of double-dealings, sons of the devil, enemies of all justice, will you not stop perverting the right ways of the Lord? So here is the hand of God over you; you will be blind, deprived for some time of the view of the sun” Acts, XIII, 11). exploited the fact that we were in the moon (to be very distracted, not paying attention to what is said or done around you) that we were just like in the moon (to be stupidly naïve), in order to teach us old moons and even to show us the moon at midday. (To take advantage of someone’s naivety).

To the Catholic religion and worship succeeded the “cathodic” church. For It is only because of television that this conciliar church has a following and has had success with through the little screen aid which “standardizes” everything: from the “mass service” on TV down to individual and social behavior, via religious and political correct thinking. It is the show church. Just like the cathode tube nothing remains, only emptiness (Presently 2% of churchgoers and 1% in some dioceses. It is like the cathode tube: empty.)

But year after year and reform after reform, the April moon appeared (lunation with frost which turns the young plants brown) and the new announced Pentecost smell burnt. For some time now, nothing is left of the young plants, and they even smell of death.

We have come to realize sooner or later that this conciliar religion had only one goal:  want to take the moon by the teeth (Want to do an impossible action) and ask for the moon (Ask for the impossible): They wanted us to believe the moon was the sun.

Little by little, the sunlight faded. In the process of shrinking, the crescent of the moon is today a very small crescent, because believing without….and growing withoutwithout the Cross, (Only The Holy Cross of our Redeemer saves us), leads false religions to be religions of death, especially when people have tried to take over the Religion of Life by fighting it to death. 

Very soon the day will come when the conciliar moon will not give anymore light. (The present authorities have been trained in the past and have therefore kept some catholic aspects, but the young generations of “bishops”, of “Cardinals”, of “superiors” are completely different. The successor of John-Paul II will be completely different). Its true nature will then appear: a dead heavenly body. Can we not see more and more that this conciliar religion is a religion of death, as the moon is a dead heavenly body?

 “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life» has been replaced by the «I am the labyrinth, the error and the death”.

The sun is eclipsed, and if we live without a visible light, we live also without warmth. For those with more courage, we fight in the tempest and in the cold, and we are lukewarm because the True Religion is eclipsed.

But the conciliar are freezing, and even some are frozen stiff. Maybe they will revive with the return of the sun, but their faith is so freezing cold, that even their simple contact freezes us.

Some people have been persuaded they could remain catholic by going to the moon. But they have had to wear such complicated and dangerous suits, that we have seen them fall very quickly and, once they realized they had got into the wrong rocket, they tried to come back; but like the foolish virgins, either they ran out of gasoline, or the gasoline they had was too volatile, leading their return for ever impossible.

But why did they feel the need to go to the moon?

They did not even understand that the Catholicism that they retained within them was inherited from the Catholic Church, and what was coming from the conciliar sect never had anything catholic, and brought them nothing, quite the contrary.

They did not understand that we remain catholic only if we totally believe and practice completely what has always been believed in and practised by the Catholics. (The problem does not come from those who have always been catholic of ever. It comes from the false conciliar catholic. The problem does not come from the mass of always; it comes from the new mass as it has always existed. The problem does not come from the faith, it comes from innovations).

We cannot be catholic in the abstract, being a bit less catholic, or not at all in the concrete.

For nothing in the world, let’s not join because, “the sun coming up, the plant, hit by its rays, having no roots, became dry”. Math, XIII, 6.

Let’s prefer to walk in the sun, and let’s say to the conciliar sect: «get out of my sunlight». If we know that there is nothing new under the sun, we prefer living in full sunlight.

«A great sign will come in the heavens: A woman clothed in the sun, the moon under her feet» Apoc., XII, 2.

And «in the end her immaculate heart will triumph»: the sun is Our Lord Jesus Christ will come back, reigning despite His enemies, and She will crush beneath her feet this moon which is the conciliar sect.

We must reject everything which comes from this anti-church. And that, absolutely

Let’s obey our Lords’ orders: «That Your yes, be a yes, that your no, be a no, «Whoever is not with Me is against Me”

We cannot accept these «popes» («antichrists» as Mgr Lefebvre used to call them), these “bishops” (Are they really bishops? after these imitation consecrations), these “priests” who are certainly not priests”.

We are used to asking the following question: «Can a pope be a heretic? » Is not the true question “Can a heretic be a pope?” (How can a pope, true successor of Peter, assured of the help of the Holy Spirit, preside over the destruction of the Church, the deepest and the most extensive in its history, within such a short time something, which no other heretic has never succeeded in doing so? Mgr Lefebvre, Le Figaro, on Wednesday 4th of August, 1976. How could a heretic (excommunicated) be the vicar, the representative of Our Lord, the chief of His Church?

The fact that there is nothing in commune, no bond (No unity: non una cum) with this church. To be part of it is to abandon the true religion of our Lord Jesus Christ; it is called to be apostate.

The eclipse is not yet total, but it will be very soon. This means that any semblance to the old Church must disappear. This means that the fight is not finished and that the final combats to come will be terrible. After the lying devils, the killer devils will come.

We are reaching the time of darkness and the most violent darkness, even the three announced.

Our Lord expects us to remain true, without fear, purifying our Faith and our will, watching and praying. That has all been allowed us for a punishment our sins, for our lukewarmness, by the just justice of God. Let’s convert, or we will all perish.

An eclipse does not last. It is only passing. The heavenly body which hides the light is condemned to disappear.

After the final hour of darkness, the full light will come back, a light which will be as bright as the night will have been black.

And from the first second when this light will come back, all enemies of our Lord will become blind, overthrown.

We are sure, He has conquered the world, and He is our hope. His holy Mother even told us: «At the end, my immaculate heart will triumph», (To triumph: to win a complete and a brilliant victory against all of one’s enemies). In the end of course.

For us, we should not change anything of what has always been believed in and practised. Who else, other than our Lord Jesus Christ (I am the light of the world” John VIII, 12) could save us from darkness?

Only a God, only a Savior can save us. Hold on; hold on, calm, confident, constant, persevering, firm.

Let’s imitate the wise virgins (Mat.XXV, 1-13). Like them, let’s go to meet the bridegroom. Even if He is late, He will surely come to us. He will come in the middle of the night, at the darkest hour. A cry will precede him announcing Him. Like them, let’s have oil, this oil of good “works”, especially the love of God. The foolish virgins also had their good works, but not those of God. Let’s be ready to enter with Him the wedding room.

Let’s fear to hear this terrible word: «I do not know you». Let’s continue to watch, because we know neither the day nor the time.

In three words, the Very Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church said it all: THE CHURCH IS ECLIPSED;

This is the reason and the basis of the Catholic combat. «Mary really has been created by God to be the star of the morning, our safeguard, our light in the tempest». (Mgr Lefebvre, May 1965, pastoral letters and writings, p.211)

Let’s keep our eyes well fixed on her Star.

Through the very Holy Virgin Mary, everything has been said: our Faith is sure, out Hope is assured.



Appendix I




« The faith is one, and everything outside this unity of faith is not faith »

Saint Hilaire of Poitiers, the first doctor of the Church.


In his interview with Le Figaro of June 3rd 1998, Mgr Fellay, Superior of the Fraternity Saint Pie X, answers the journalist’s question:

«Are some of your Fraternity say that the seat of Peter is vacant? – There is not part of the Fraternity. We do not accept their assertion. They claim to solve a problem, but they create another greater one. In fact the Pope is passing acts which have been previously condemned by the Church; consequently,, to save pontifical infallibility, they say that there is no pope. Here is an easy position which, in reality, dissolves the visibility of the Church. We cannot accept it”.

It is sad to read these lines.

First of all let’s look at the inconsistency of the arguments.

Mgr Fellay recognises that «the Pope is passing two acts which have been previously condemned by the Church».

This phrase is very important. It is an excellent finding.

These acts obliged Mgr Lefebvre to declare: «The church which affirms such errors (freedom of conscience…) is both schismatic and heretical. In consequence, this conciliar sect is not catholic. To the extent that the Pope, the bishops, the priests, the members of this new church they separate themselves from the Catholic Church”. (Ecône, 29th of June 1976).

Reviewing this problem of freedom of conscience at length in his book Dubia on religious freedom, Mgr Lefebvre came to the conclusion of heresy four times.

Historically, no popes have passed any acts which have been previously condemned by the Church. The Jansenists tried to get us to believe it for Honorius, Libère or others, but these supposed failings have been demonstrated as false in the work done for Vatican I.

Theologically, what is this new assertion, studied and condemned by Vatican I, which teaches that a vicar of Our Lord Jesus Christ could pass acts which have been previously condemned by the Church, so opposed to of the Church doctrine?

We can draw only one conclusion: if this «pope» passes acts which have been previously condemned by the Church, he passes false acts which deserve even the mark of heresy. He is then fallible.

If he is not infallible, how can he be a Pope?

We wait for a clear, plain and precise answer to this question from Mgr Fellay. He cannot escape and he owes us, as a bishop, a coherent teaching.


- But what about visibility?

This visibility of the Church must be obvious to everyone’ sight for four reasons:

1° The well-being of the faithful who can easily follow the teachings of the Church and safely obey its precepts.

2° the necessity for the faithful, vulnerable to losing their faith, to be able to distinguish heretical sects from the Catholic Church whose truth is so radiant.

3° the necessity for the unfaithful who wish to embrace the catholic faith, to be able to easily recognize the Catholic Church;

4° finally, the glory of Jesus Christ whose reign over the whole earth shines thus with a wonderful light.


: Father Hugon OP, in «the spiritual life» n°35, pp. 355-356 recalls this constant teaching of the Church that:

« Three fundamental principles form the body of the church:

- A visible magisterium and the profession of a same faith by all the believers;

- A visible ministry and the communion of all faithful in the same worship;

- A visible government and the obedience of all subjects to the same priests”.

These three principles are summarized in a simple formula: profession of the same faith, sharing in the same sacraments, obedience to the same priests.


In the encyclical «Mystici corporis» Pius XII observes: «…Yes, certainly, the pious Mother shines spotless in the sacraments, with which she begets and feeds her sons, in the faith that she always keeps pure, and in the very holy laws that she commands….”

Since Our Lord Jesus Christ and until the 9th of October 1958 (death of Pie XII) we had the same faith, uncontaminated, the same spotless sacraments, the same bishops and therefore the same Church.

These three principles make the Church visible and even if were habitually shortened these principles by reducing a visibility to the person of the Pope: where the Pope is, there is the Church.

It was a justified short cut in the well-ordered Church, because the Pope had the same faith until the 9th of October 1958, he lived the same sacraments until the 9th of October 1958 and was the successor of the same hierarchy. (If the visibility of the church coincided with the person of the pope, and to all intents of purposes with his pontifical court, what should we say about the time of the big western schism, when in 39 years, there were as many as three visible popes, each of them with his court of cardinals and bishops? Was the church more visible with “three popes” instead of one?)

Is it the same since?

It is obvious that since Vatican II, the conciliar sect has transformed the catholic sacraments. Everything is full of modernism and Protestantism.


It no longer teaches the same faith anymore. Its doctrine is the expression of the protestant and modernist heresy.

The best proof is that it fights only, and with such violence, the ones who refuse to change sacraments and Faith.

Friends have become enemies, enemies have become friends. This shows more than anything that the conciliar church is not the Catholic Church.

-         There remains the problem of hierarchy.

How can a non-catholic «pope» such as John-Paul II, how an enemy hierarchy, on its own, in the absence of the two most important other principles, that is, Faith taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ and the sacraments that He instituted, represent the visibility of the Church?

To retain only the shorten cut for the principle of the visibility of the Church, and that, in a church which is no longer catholic (even if they want us to believe it still is the catholic church), is a trickery, a fraud.

These people have usurped (to usurp: to seize through violence or by cunning, an asset, a dignity, a title which belongs to someone else) the seats that they occupy.

As the Very Holy Virgin Mary announced in La Salette, they have eclipsed the Church.

Our task is not to change anything in what we believe in and in what we practise. We know that the Holy Church can neither err, nor betray us.

So to retain only the criterion of visibility, only this heretic usurper «pope», only this hostile and apostate hierarchy, is to err and those whom to betray that we teach.

Mgr Fellay does not solve the problem of visibility. In reality, through an easy position, he dissolves the visibility of the Church. He creates a more serious problem: To pretend that the conciliar sect is the Catholic Church. It is the opposite of Mgr Lefebvre.

Let’s pray for Mgr Fellay, his Fraternity and his priests.


To resolve the problem of visibility and of apostolic succession, some people claim that John-Paul II would be «pope materialiter» but not «formaliter»

To base this distinction on Saint Robert Bellarmin (De Romano Pontifice L.II c 30) “The Cardinals, when they create the Pontiff, exercise their authority, not on the pontiff, because he is not elected pope yet, but on the matter, this means on the person they have at their disposal through the election, in a way that this person receives the form of pontificate from God”…..

. Indeed, in the Papacy like in anything else, we can distinguish matter and form, but this does not mean that one can exist without the other. There is a distinction, there is not a separation.

And if these «popes» are materially popes, the conciliar sect is materially the Catholic Church.

So what? What are we?






It takes its origin from a bad application of the principle of non-contradiction. Let’s remember the fundamental principle:

- Under its metaphysical form: one and the same thing cannot at one and the same time and under the same proportion, be and not to be,

– Under its logical form: it is impossible to state and deny at one and the same time one and the same thing in the same proportion.


When in his proclamation of the 21st of November 1974, Mgr Lefebvre says:

“We hold to catholic Rome with all our heart, and with all our soul, guardian of the catholic faith and of its necessary traditions for the keeping of this Faith, to eternal Rome, mistress of wisdom and truth”.

«On the other hand, we refuse and we have always refused the Rome of neo-modernist and neo-protestant tendency which was clearly shown in the council of Vatican II, and after the council, in all reforms resulting from it”.


When, in the letter to the future Bishops of the 29th August 1987, he writes:

«Corruption of the Holy Mass brought corruption to the priesthood…»


In these two texts, Mgr Lefebvre is not precise enough, which leads to a confusion fostered and developed by some who pretend to be his sons or his heirs.


In fact, the Holy Mass cannot be corrupt.

It is Holy by its nature.

If there is something called the «mass» and is corrupt, it is something either than the Holy Mass.

It is the same for the priesthood.

It cannot be corrupt.

If there is something called the «priesthood» and it is corrupt, it is something else. There can be corrupt men in the priesthood, but the Priesthood of the Holy Church cannot be corrupt.

It is the same for Rome. She cannot be catholic and heretical at the same time. Indeed one Rome does not hide: as she calls itself conciliar. She is conciliar. Sometimes she calls itself catholic, but it is a usurped title. She has nothing catholic left, neither the dogmas, nor the sacraments, nor the rituals (especially that of episcopal consecration), nor moral doctrine, nor her life, nor her teaching, nor…etc everything changed.

Further more, conciliar Rome persecutes the true catholics, those who did not want to change their faith and their life, and those who still believe in and practise what has always been believed in and practised, knowing that the true Church cannot err and cannot betray us.

Everywhere this persecution proves that this modernist and then heretical Rome, has nothing to do with catholic Rome. It is something else.

Mgr Lefebvre was aware of this. We understand what he meant to do and say.

It is obvious that in their minds, both Paul VI and John-Paul II stood for the modernist Rome that he condemned.

It is obvious that in his letter to the four future bishops, when he asks them to remain attached to the Seat of Peter, it did not mean to be attached to John-Paul II, since he had previously specified:

“….Confident that without delay, the Seat will be occupied by completely catholic successor of Peter in whose hands you could place the grace of your episcopate for him to ratify”.

By stating this, Mgr Lefebvre proved that he did not believe that John-Paul II was catholic.


He even predicted that John-Paul II was inconvertible and was waiting for a catholic successor.

But unfortunately, his statement was not clear enough.

It was used by some who want the faithful to believe: that being attached to the Seat of Peter is to be attached to John-Paul II, which is the contrary of what Mgr Lefebvre thought, as we have just proved.

Whence comes the practical confusion we live in subsequently.

Confusion maintained and amplified by some people who say they are still his sons. Not all, but some.

Let‘s simply compare what the Abbé de Jorna has wrote in Fideliter number 111 p.2

« Finally, saying to the new bishops on the 29th of August 1987, he wrote: « I beg you to remain attached to the Seat of Peter, to the Roman Church, Mother and Mistress of all Churches”.

And the abbé de Jorna stopped his quotation here.

Let’s reread Mgr Lefebvre’s whole sentence:

«I beg you to remain attached to the Seat of Peter, to the Roman Church, Mother and Mistress of all Churches, in the whole catholic faith, expressed in the symbols of faith, in the catechism of the Council of Trente, according to what you learned in your seminary. Remain faithful in the transmission of this faith so that the Reign of Our Lord may come.

It is very different. How can one characterize such manipulation? What betrayal!

Whence comes the confusion on the side of Tradition. Whence comes the lack of firmness in doctrine and in practice.

A lack of firmness which one day of another will lead to serious betrayals identical to those before.

This error will generate a behavior and a tactics of defence when instead it should have been opposed.

The side of Truth should have laid down the rules.


We should have told them:

«You are not catholic anymore. You are not the Catholic Church anymore.

You call yourself the «Pope», are you really?

You call yourself bishops, are you really?

And no: «Very Holy Father, let’s try out Tradition».

At the end, Mgr Lefebvre called them by their true name: «Antichrist» but it was already too late, his disciples did not understand him.

Did he wish to go further before?

The isolation in which he was locked then leaves open any interpretation. (Let’s use the occasion to recall two serious questions that we posed and remain unanswered: How to explain the absence of his sons from his bedside when he lay dying? No founder has ever been seen unaccompanied by those dear to him at his death. Did they have something to hide? How come we never heard of Mgr Lefebvre’s will? Is it thinkable for a minute that he had no will? Well? We are still waiting for the answers!)


And since? How is it thinkable that the four bishops, excommunicated by the conciliar sect after their consecration, could be received at Saint Peter of Rome with honors according to their rank?

Has the excommunication been revoked?

Or in what lies are we living? One day excommunicated, the next day solemnly received.

But what compromise did we get there?


Do they have the same Faith?

Have not the four bishops betrayed the will of their consecrator? Do they fight the same fight as their founder?

Were they afraid that their Fraternity would be treated and persecuted as a sect?

And to avoid the consequences, did they prefer to make an arrangement with these heretics?

But, above all, are they in conformity with the fight of the Faith that God demands of them?

How different are those who have joined them?


Do not forget that the term «join» is not catholic. The true catholic term is apostate.





The multiple writings of Mgr Lefebvre sometimes seem contradictory. It is understandable that he spoke in a different tone according to whether he was addressing, or a Roman authority, or a large ill-educated public, or muddled reporters or those close to him.

But it is enough to consider serious events, like the suspens a divinis, or at the time of the sacraments, to discover his real thoughts with certainty.

Let’s recall a few passages in the sermon which he gave during the priestly ordinations of the 29th of June 1976 just at the time of the suspens a divinis, a text omitted in a recent new edition. (It is not the first time that Mgr Lefebvre was censored by his successors. What is one to think of this?)

«This new rite supposes another conception of the catholic religion, another religion…, this new rite is the work of another ideology, of a new ideology…Well, we are not part of this religion, and we do not accept this new religion».

«We are of the religion of eternal, we are of the catholic religion, and we are not of the universal religion, as they call it today. This is no longer the catholic religion.

“We are not of this liberal and modernist religion, which has its service, its priests, its faith, its catechisms, its Bible – its ecumenical Bible - We do not accept them… we cannot accept these things. It goes against our faith…We choose not to give up our faith…the Pope has received the Holy Spirit not to create new truths, but to maintain us in the faith of eternal”.

These very firm words were confirmed by the preface of «I accuse the Council», which was written a few weeks after, where one can read:

“…..we are justified in saying that the spirit which prevailed at the Council….is not the Holy Spirit….”

They have turned their back to the true Church of eternal….heretical declaration….non-catholic spirit… amazing conspiracy…

What has the pope’s role been in all this? What is his responsibility? Truly, it seems to be overwhelming….

It is impossible for us to be part of this conspiracy….


This is what he did, because for Mgr Lefebvre, the conciliar sect was not the Catholic Church.

But the essential document is the letter he wrote to the four new bishops.

This letter is certainly the most important one that he wrote in all his life. It is easily understood.

Sent ten months before the sacraments, it must have been long matured, pondered and considered, given the importance of the decision. He had thought long about his consecration.

“Having come to his particular judgment, aware of his eternal salvation and the accounts he would have to render” fully aware of the combat waged by the powers of hell against what had been his life, his love, that is the defence of the Holy Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ which he could see to be attacked from all sides, he decided to consecrate.

He knew the consequences of this action, and what did he write to bring these four young priests to “agree to receive the graces of the Catholic episcopate?

He presents them with the situation as it is and he says that he sees himself “compelled by Divine Providence to transmit the grace of the episcopate that I received”.

And why? “So that the catholic Church and the priesthood way continue to exist for the Glory of God and for the salvation the souls».

To come to such a request, first he presents them with the state of Rome today. Let’s read it again:

«The throne of Peter and the posts of authority of Rome, being occupied by antichrists, the destruction of the Reign of Our Lord is at work rapidly His mystical Body here below, especially through even within corruption of the Holy Mass. The splendid expression of our Lord’s triumph by the Cross «Regnavit a ligno Deus» and the source of the spread of His Reign among souls and societies”

«Therefore the absolute necessity of the continued and permanent adorable sacrifice appears clearly if “His Reign is to come”.

“The corruption of the Holy Mass has led to the corruption of the priesthood and the universal collapse of the Faith in the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

And further, he will specify:

 “This is what has brought us the persecution of the Rome of the antichrist, this modernist and liberal Rome”.

«This is why, convinced that we are only doing God’s Holy Will …”

And the four bishops accepted. No doubt after long prayers and meditations. Generously.  Courageously. They probably meditate often on this letter of their founder who asks them to ensure the transmission of the Faith.

That is the essential document of Mgr Lefebvre’s thought. It can be found in the special number of Fideliter devoted to consecrations. We can also profitably re-read Mgr Lefebvre’s spreech printed with it and entitled: “Can obedience obliges us to disobey?” is a question which could, once again, be very pertinent.


And what about the excommunication?

The years pass and we forget.

It is good to recall what Mgr Lefebvre thought about it.

In the number of Fideliter (special issue), 29-30th of June 1998, devoted to the sacraments, we find on page 18 his comments on his excommunication, during the press conference of the 15th of June 1988 at Ecône:

« Osservatore Romano will publish the excommunication, of course, a declaration of schism. What does all this mean!

«Excommunication, by whom? By a modernist Rome, by a Rome which no longer practices the catholic Faith. ...So, we have been excommunicated by modernists, by people who have been condemned by previous Popes. What can this mean then? We are condemned by people who have been condemned, and who should be publicly condemned. This leaves us unaffected. Of course, it does not add up to anything.

Rightly, Mr Lefebvre was proud of his excommunication. The Catholic Church could not remain in communion with the counciliar sect. And above all, the conciliar sect could not bear with the Catholic Church. Clear proof that this church is not catholic.

In re-reading number 65 of Fideliter, where they praise all his excommunication, (especially, the Abbé Aulagnier in his editorial), we can read these words of Mgr Lefebvre on p.4:

«And why do they excommunicate us? Because we want to remain Catholic. Because we do not want to follow them in their spirit of the destruction of the Church. Because you do not wish to join us in our work of destroying the church, we excommunicate you.

Very well. Thank you. We prefer to be excommunicated. (Long and loud applause). We do not want to be part of this terrible work which has been going on for twenty years in the Church…

So, my dear friends, you will be faced with all kinds of difficulties. They will harry you. They will persecute you because you want to remain in the eternal Catholic Church. Because you want to remain true to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, to the sacraments and to the teaching of the Church.

And Mgr Lefebvre finished by recalling the prediction of the Virgin of La Salette: «Rome lose its Faith. An eclipse will cover Rome. »

True to this very clear thought, on the 6th of July 1988, all the superiors of the Fraternity Saint Pi X signed the letter published in the number 64 of Fideliter, July-August 1988, from which we extract the following sentence:

« We do not ask anything better than to be declared ex communione of the adulterous spirit which has swept through the Church for 25 years, excluded from the blasphemous communion with the unfaithful ….To us, it would be a sign of honor and a sign of orthodoxy before the faithful. The latter have the absolute right to know that the priests to whom they turn to do not belong to the communion of a counterfeit Church which is evolutionary, Pentecostal and syncretistic”.

Finally all well-informed people know that at the end of his life Mgr Lefebvre used to say to anybody who wished to listen: “It is not possible that these “popes” are the successors of Peter”  Did he mean to go further and teach more?

Is it the reason why nobody was able to come close to him before he died?

Is it the reason why we do not have his will?







Mgr Henri DELASSUS 1913

(Epilogue from p. 501 through 505). Note that this writing dates from 1913, this remarkable book is available in the Editions Saint Rémi, BP 80, 33410 CADILLAC- FRANCE


The Free-Masons attack the walls of the Church, but at the same time, inside, other destroyers, even more evil minded are at work. The Syllabus of Pius X and his Encyclicals on modernism showed how far they have got. In the first eight propositions that Catholics, that even priests themselves formulated and teach in their books and journals which, alas! are read by many people, the authority of doctrinal decisions of the Church is under attack. In the eleven following ones, IX through XIX, the inspiration and the infallibility of the Holy Bible are nullified. From XX through XXVI, the notions of revelation, of faith and dogma are transformed to the point of extinction. From XXVII through XXVIII, the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, His knowledge, His redeeming expiation, and His resurrection are denied. From proposition XXXIX through LI, comes the attack against the sacraments. Those from LII through LVII, rise up against the Church, a humane creation of which Our Lord would have never thought. Finally comes, from LVII through LXV, the exposé of evolution, the intellectual foundation of the foregoing propositions……

We can see it, NOTHING MUST REMAIN STANDING. It is no longer a heresy such as happened in previous centuries; this is how Pius X puts it in his anxiety and suffering, “the sum and substance, and the venomous essence of all heresies, which work towards the extinction of Christianity”. (Apparently, this nullification occurred in Vatican II, but the Church has gone into eclipse and will come back more beautiful and stronger, with the Vicar of his Founder).

“All these errors, said the Pope in the same consistory, are reproduced in tracts, journals, ascetic books, and even in novels; they wrapped in ambiguous terms under vague forms in order to entrap souls off their guard”.

The Venerable Anne-Catherine Emmerich saw priests of the religions in the ranks of those dedicated to destroying the divine edifice. (It is legitimate to think that if there were priests (and of a high level) ready to demolish the Catholic Church before Vatican II, there are also some in the “Tradition”. The behavior of some of them, renewing methods used more than fifty years ago, is not in doubt. Is it right that a false parallel authority imposes itself in theatres and in writings, teaching and imposing ideas opposed to those of Mgr Lefebvre? As in the past there are not too many of them, but they hold strategic positions, and undo all the more effectively than our enemies, the struggle against the Tradition. There are happy stupid people, but there are also some who do know exactly what they do. Nihil novae sub sole.). In his Encyclical, the Pope believed that he should bring the attention of the catholic world to this fact. If the action of the priest for well-being is infinitely more powerful than that of the layman, the perversion of ideas, when disseminated by him, leads more to disastrous results in men’s minds.

During the month of July of the same year 1820, the Venerable said: I again had the vision of the Church of Saint Peter undermined according to a plan made by the secret sect. But I also saw help coming at the moment of the most extreme distress.

Already many times she said she had seen the Very Holy Virgin coming to save the Church and throw around it. The same year, at the end of October, the state of the Catholic Church again appeared to her in the guise of the Saint Peter’s Basilica; and the war waged against her appeared in the form described in the Apocalypse of Saint John, that the Venerable did not know. At the end of this vision, she again saw the intervention of the Very Holy Virgin. She saw the works of the sect destroyed and all of his paraphernalia burnt by the executioner at a place marked by infamy. Then the Basilica was totally restored. After another vision, she said this renovation would be undertaken by the clergy and the good faithful, even before the overthrow of t free masonry, but then «WITH VERY LITTLE ZEAL”. These priests and these faithful seem to have NEITHER CONFIDENCE, NOR ARDOUR, NOR METHOD. They worked as it they had no idea of what it was about, and this was disgraceful.

(How can we not think of the battle of the Fraternity Saint-Pius X? The Abbé Delagneau of Fraternity Saint-Pius X, Editor of the journal  “Walk Right (number 90, April, May, June 2000)  a journal written for those who practise the exercises of Saint Ignatius (so far the most faithful) has to recognize that the second generation of the Tradition is not converted). Is this not what we are the sad witnesses of today? Already the Church’s façade was smashed, only the sanctuary with the Holy Sacrament remained standing. (“The Sanctuary with the holy Sacrament”. It is not this word used by the Venerable Catherine Emmerich in 1820, noteworthy today when Pius X gives such a strong impulse to Eucharistic worship?”) I was weighted down with sadness. Then I saw a woman, full of majesty, walking on the great open space in front of the church. She wore a broad cloak turned up on her two arms. She rose slowly in the air, sat on the dome and spread over the church, so as to cover it completely, her cloak which seemed to shine like gold. The demolishers had just paused for a moment; but when they tried to get back to their work, it was absolutely impossible for them to approach the area covered by the cloak.

“However, the rebuilders went work with an incredible activity. Ecclesiastics and seculars came, very old men, forgotten, and strengthen young, then strong and vigorous men, women, children, and soon was the building entirely restored”.

About thirty to forty years ago, Dom Guéranger wrote in the preface which he gave to the manual of Father. Poiré “the triple crown of the Virgin Mary”: “If God saves the world, and He will save it, salvation will come from the Mother of God. Through her, the Lord has uprooted thorns and bushes from the gentiles; Through her he has successively triumphed over ALL heresies ; today, because evil is at its height, because all truths, all obligations, all rights are threatened by a universal shipwreck, is that a reason to believe that God and His Church will not triumph one last time?  We must admit, we have the makings of a great and solemn victory; and that is the reason why it seems that our Lord reserved the entire honor to Mary. God does not recoil from obstacles, as men do. When the time is come, the serene and peaceful STAR OF THE SEAS, Mary, will rise up on this stormy sea of political storm, and the tumultuous waves, surprised to be reflecting its sweet light, will become calm and submissive again. Then there will be only one voice of acknowledgement rising towards The One who, once more, will have appeared like a sign of peace after a new deluge”.

Do not let us forget, however, that if God and the Very Virgin Mary ask only to save us, He who has given us freedom cannot refuse His help. Therefore we cannot be saved without our very real cooperation, “IF YOU WANT IT”, said the Holy Maid of Orleans to Charles VII and through him to France to whom everlasting life was promised. Therefore it is up to us hasten divine mercy through our works.

(And today, He wants to reign over France, and over the world through France: Such is the message taught by Mgr Delassus in his book. It is the solution wanted by God. It is the unique solution).

The CONDITION under which France has been promised to recover its role is none other than that which long ago was intimated by Daniel to Nabuchodonosor : “Your kingdom will be given back to you after you have recognized that your power does not come from man, but from God” These words summarize the teaching of the Holy Maid of Orleans.

WHEN FRANCE HAS MADE THIS ACT OF HUMILITY AND OF REPENTANCE, and after God, beaming his mercy down UPON HER, gives her back the rank she had previously given in the world, the Church will bestowed onto all nations the invitation that David gave to his people, that of offering the Lord a great concert of actions of grace, (Ps.XCVII), in a final gift of salvation.

I. Sing a new canticle to the Lord, because He had done wonderful things.

His right hand has given Him victory, and His infinitely holy arm.

The Lord has made His salvation shine; He has revealed His justice to all nations;

He has remembered His mercy and His faithfulness to the house of Israel:

And all the uttermost ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God!

II. So give glory to the Lord everywhere on earth, burst out in jubilation and sing,

Sing the Lord and upon the harp, mix the harp with the voice of canticles,

At the sound of the trumpets and of the sophar, loudly acclaim the LORD KING.

«When francE HAS MADE this act of humility and of repentance»

Because the French Revolution is a punishment, and a deserved punishment.

the same way, the conciliar Revolution is a punishment, and a deserved punishment.

When we have really understood this and humbly begged forgiveness of God for our sins, He will shine His mercy. Not before.



appendix v


the big fraud of the council of vatican ii


The bulletin of the Grand Orient of France n°48, November-December 1964, p.87, cites as a reference for: «New and constructive positions» this intervention made during the third session of the Council by a young bishop who then made an outstanding career:

«We have to accept the danger of error. We do not embrace the truth without having some experience of what error is. We must then talk of the right to search and to be mistaken. I call for freedom to conquer the truth”.

The free-masons were so pleased with this declaration that they underlined it. It is very serious. It is from Mgr Wojtila, bishop of Cracovie.

For a catholic, it is not freedom that creates truth, but Our Lord. It should not be freedom first, leadership to the truth, but truth making us free.

«If you stay in My word, you really are My disciples; you will know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free». John VIII, 32.

«But we, we are from God; he who knows God listens to us, he who is not of God does not listen to us at all: it is thus that we know the spirit of the Truth and the spirit of error» I John IV, 6.

The order is:

1° Jesus Christ, taught through the Catholic Church;

2° the real Truth;

3° Freedom

For the conciliar sect, the chain of ideas that was announced was:

1° freedom;

2° truth

3° Jesus-Christ




This new order is false, because if one takes freedom first, one does not always have Truth is in the second position, but Truth, AND, OR error. This is what the well-informed knew.

It is with this kind of stratagem that they imposed their conciliar sect, destroyer of the Catholic Church.

We can distinguish five steps in their proceedings,

1) At the beginning «the right search and to be mistaken” is postulated.

2) Then errors are taught at the same time as the truth, the few defenders of the Truth are marginalized;

3) Afterwards they discredit the Truth, which is said to be out of date, harmless, and error becomes the Truth;

4) Then the Truth is persecuted until its complete disappearance: the evil killers follow the evil liars;

5) And finally, the reign of error is imposed.

This is exactly what we live for thirty years:  with freedom, the conciliar church has established error, which has abolished the kingdom of Jesus Christ, to be replaced by the false kingdom of the Man, which is the real kingdom of Satan.


Mgr Wojtila and the conciliar sect have inverted everything:

The enemies of the Catholics have become their friends.

«Truth alone is tolerant and never persecutes anyone; it is only there to avoid doing evil. Error is essentially intolerant and as soon as it feels strong, school, party, or sect, it wants to show its power by suppressing its adversaries, by insulting, and especially by forbidding them from speaking. The right to speak, loudly demanded by the liberals, to the point of writing it in the constitution making it the pillar of parliamentary rule, seems only acceptable to them if it assures them the immunities of monologue and prevents all criticism. The thing which they like the most is the censer for them and, chains muzzles for their adversaries”. Mgr Fèvre, Critical History of liberal Catholicism, p.546.

That is exactly the attitude of the conciliar sect against what is left of the Catholics. A behavior which proves that the Catholics (those who wish to believe what has always been believed in and practise what has always been practised) are on the side of the truth, the conciliar sect is on the side of error, (How can we believe for one moment that the conciliar sect can be on the side of the truth ? The conciliar sect is without “the Life”. It brings death: 2% of churchgoers in France and 1% in some regions. And of what age? And with what credo?) , consequently the conciliar sect is not catholic and is not the Catholic Church.

Let be alert and keep the spirit of truth. One of the criteria which will ensure that we are on the side of the truth is that which Mgr Fèvre underlines: not persecuting anyone, but preventing them from doing evil.

One of the criteria which prove that one has gone over to the side of error is to act with intolerance, suppressing adversaries, slandering them, insulting them, preventing them from speaking.

In a letter of the Friends of Christ King Of France, we have constantly underlined that the plan of God was to come as a Savior and so to triumph when all seems lost, that is after the eclipse of the Catholic Church is complete. But since God does not rebuild with nothing, but with lots of nothings, read and spread The Preliminary Battle’ by Jean Vaquié and The Outcome of the Persecution by Augustin Lémann, where these teachings are the most developed). It is for us to deserve the grace of being in this small number. And for this, we have to remain good and true Catholics according to the teachings of the Venerable Elisabeth Canori Mora.

The ordeal of the Council has eliminated about 9/10th of Catholics. The ordeal of N.O.M. and the liturgical revolutions has again eliminated the 9/10th of those who remained. Mgr Lefebvre’s consecrations have again eliminated a very large number of votes and chiefs. This number is still too big.

Far too many traditionalist priests and faithful are more attached to the «camp dira-t-on» “They will say” that is to the worldly spirit, than the camp dira Dieu” “God will say”. Because of their materialist, poor, modernist, mundane spirit, they will be eliminated in the coming ordeals. The only solution is: to convert. Because there is only one punishment: to perish. “If you do not repent, you will all perish like them”. Luc, XIII, 3,

Let us awake. Half heatedness awaits us. An enormous weariness, a great torpor descends on us. Let’s prepare our lamps, the bridegroom is coming. Have reserves of oil, this means of truth, of charity, of prayers, of meditations, of good works.

The fight continues. The enemies of the name “catholic” hate us. Their chief is Satan who is the prince of this world. Christ, King of the World let us join. Great ordeals are announced. Let us be ready. Let us have no fear, He will overcome.

«Courage, Confidence, Calm, Consistency»

(Jean Vaquié).





Gaude Maria virgo, cunctas hæreses sola interemisti

Rejoice dear Virgin Mary, you alone

Have destroyed all heresies

Mass Salve Santa parens


Of all the many comments made about the Revelation of the third secret of Fatima, that of the Abbé Fabrice Delestre of the Fraternity Saint Pius X in the bulletin Saint-John Eudes n°56 (July 200) by the Abbé Aulagnier, is the best documented, the most coherent and the most conclusive of the Vatican’s duplicity.

John-Paul II and the cardinals Sodano and Ratzinger are liars.

And yet! His analysis does not go far enough; it does not plumb the depths. Let’s judge

From the ancient documents about Fatima (especially Sister Lucy’s secrets), he proves to us that the text has been shortened, and shortened at its heart, that is to say at the announcement of the spiritual punishment that will fall on the whole Church (p.5). He details this punishment: LOSS OF FAITH. Studying carefully the words of Lucy, on the 26th of December 1957, he quotes: The devil is fighting a DECISIVE BATTLE WITH THE VIRGIN MARY….he knows that the religious and the priests are leading many souls to hell (p.6). And moreover: an important crisis inside the Church, up to the highest ranks: the Papacy! He recalls that in 1984 Cardinal Ratzinger referred to the Apocalypse of Saint John, concluding (p.8): These prophecies of the Apocalypse announce not only a material, a physical or temporal fight of the enemies of God against the Church and the Catholics, but first and foremost, a terrible spiritual struggle aiming at the destruction of the true faith in God and at the establishment of the universal reign of idolatry. Looking at the works of great specialists, he underlines that all of them speak of a huge crisis of the DOGMA OF THE FAITH. He demonstrates how this Vatican manoeuvre has only one goal: the excessive glorification of John-Paul II (p.16). Arguing from the Salette, he concludes about the passage of Saint Paul (Ephes. V, 8-11): Walk like children of light…and do not take any part in the fruitless works of darkness but rather condemn them. Because we are ashamed to say what they are doing in secret.


So he tells us:  they are lying to us, they are cheating us

Everything he says is true.

But nothing more. That’s it. It is sad.

It falls short, it falls far and gravely short of the defence of faith, subject of the Very Holy Virgin Mary’s message.

I learned a prayer from my mother which I have recited every morning for more that 50 years, a prayer that seems less and less unknown.

My God, I believe firmly all the truths that You have revealed to us and that You teach us through Your Church because, being the Truth, You cannot err Yourself or lead us into error.

We call it the act of faith and this act of faith seems to be the starting point in the battle of faith.

By dint of repeating thousand of times this neither err yourself nor lead us into error, you can imagine that I believe it and I believe it FIRMLY. And if I go back in time, it seems that I have always believed it. Maybe is it because my parents also believed in it firmly? And that my grand-parents believed in it? And that the true Catholics have believed in it for a very long time, and always firmly.

I have the feeling that this prayer in unknown in Ecône, or If some know it, they do not believe in it, or if a few rare ones believe in it, no one believes in it FIRMLY.

Because this neither err yourself, nor lead us into error is a fundamental factor of the dogma of faith, it is the first formula that they attack to make one lose faith. I even believe that it is at all times the fixed point to not lose faith. The characteristic of the Church of God is never to err itself, nor to lead us into error. We never doubt in the Catholic Church.

From Our Lord Jesus Christ up to Vatican II, people have always lived in the Truth and we defy anyone to prove to us a single error of the church in all this time.

On the other hand, since Vatican II, we have been ceaselessly cheated (sacraments, teaching, life, truths, friends, enemies, etc, etc…) There is always a doubt. Problems did not exist before Vatican II but since.

And once more, this revelation of the third secret is a fraud. And on something essential: a message from the Very Holy Virgin Mary, the essential message for our time. Let’s not forget that our faith is our only true treasure.

When will we finally understand? This church which errs itself has led us into error for more than thirty years cannot be and is not the Catholic Church. It is blasphemy to believe it: It is apostasy. Because it is the church of lies, it the church of the great betrayer.

Sometimes Mgr Lefebvre used to teach it. He was even very precise when he called these conciliar popes antichrists. He died after repeating often: It is not possible that these popes are the successors of Peter.

Since his death his disciples do not say it anymore. They prefer quoting less firm words. More and more often, they even say the contrary. And they fall into the same process as in the conciliar sect. They lead us into error; they lie, at least by omission.

And nobody reacts. All the defenders (?) of the Truth find it natural to be cheated. What a scandal!  To believe one has the truth and not to denounce this continual state of lies!

To say that this revelation of the third secret is wrong, is a fraud, without adding that this fraud, following thousand of earlier frauds, cannot come from Catholics, should alert the faithful on this non-catholic aspect of not teaching all the truth.

To say that on battle against the faith, that there is an attack on the dogma of faith, a loss of faith, without designating the leaders, the methods, the successive stages of the battles, worse, without fighting the true enemies of the faith, is betrayal.

The enemies are not unknown, hidden. The leaders who destroy the faith are called John XXIII, Paul VI, John-Paul I and John-Paul II. Their side is called the conciliar sect. Their generals are the «Cardinals», Ratzinger at their head. Their officers are the «bishops». Their allies, the Dom Gérards, those who have joined them, are not of the Catholic side anymore, worse, they hate, like their new friends, those who wish to remain and to believe firmly. They all are our enemies and must be denounced as such.

But by dint of living with lies, without having the courage to denounce it, the Fraternity reacts in a similar manner, and its leaders, its troops become liars in their turn. It is distressing to have to say that they err and they lead us into err more and more often. There is a lot of lying in the circles of the Tradition. By an ineluctable consequence, they too, destroy the true Faith.

Yes, Abbés Aulagnier and Delestre, you lie.

You lie when you do not say what we just wrote, and you lie seriously by only quoting an abbreviated text of the message of la Salette, by omitting the so fundamental and clear THE CHURCH WILL BE ECLIPSED. These three words disturb you because they say it all and this confirms the Gaude Maria virga, cunctas haereses sola interemisti.

The Catholic Church is ONE. By believing in and by practising what has always been believed in and practised, err, we cannot be led into error.

Whence comes this theology which admits two churches?

What a heresy to teach that one can be a catholic believer by opposing to the «pope»! By choosing what pleases us in the teaching of the conciliar popes!

Let’s quote Pius XII («Vos omnes» 10/09/1957):

«That, among you, there is no place for the pride of «free examination», which comes from the heterodox mentality more than the Catholic spirit, and according to which some people do not hesitate to weigh in the balance of their own judgement even that which comes from the Apostolic Seat”.

The objection could be made that they are not making a free examination, but examining carefully the Magisterium in the light of faith, and not in that of their own reason: but that is exactly here the absurdity,

Because it the Magisterium which is the next rule of faith, and not the opposite. In the Catholic Church, Magisterium and Tradition go together, and if, as today, they are opposed, it is an obvious sign that it is a false magisterium.

The Catholic Church is HOLY.

Which association exists between justice and iniquity? or what do light and darkness? What does the faithful share with the faithless? What is the agreement between Christ and Belial? (II Corint. VI, 14-15)

Walk like children of light, because the fruit of the light consists in whaevert is good, just and TRUE. Look at what is pleasing to the Lord; and do not take ANY PART in the unfruitful works of darkness but rather CONDEMN THEM (Eph., v, 8-11).

This is the way we remain Catholic





In the past, we learned that there were seven deadly sins. Our time which, as everybody knows, is more intelligent, more extraordinary, more remarkable, more excellent, more, more, more,… than any other time, has invented a eighth deadly sin, and so deadly that the seven other ones have been forgotten and this one excels above all the others.

Let’s dare say the word, let’s write it:  it is the sedevacantism.

What courage! We dare say the forbidden!

For some people, if you are suspected of being sedevacantist, you are the worst enemy (We were flabbergasted to hear in a sermon that sedevacantism was a black and dreadful tide worse than the other). For others, if you are not, you are the worst adversary.

Are we not becoming a bit crazy? Is this really Catholic?

However, we do have two references:

The first one is called the act of Faith where we say:

«My God, I firmly believe, ALL the truths that You have revealed and that You teach us through Your Church, because, being the Truth, You can neither err Yourself not lead others into err»;

The second, the teaching Saint Paul to the Galatians (I, 6-8):

«I am surprised that you have turned your back so quickly to him who calls you in the grace of Jesus Christ, to follow ANOTHER gospel: no, there is another one; there are people who cause you only trouble and want to CHANGE THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. But we ourselves, if an angel from heaven should announced ANOTHER gospel than that which we have announced to you, he should be cursed”.

Are we sure and firm that by believing in and by practising everything which has always been believed in and practised, we cannot err or be led into error?

Have we understood that the conciliar sect teaches and lives ANOTHER gospel?

We are not sedevacantist.

WE ARE CATHOLIC. We are only Catholic. We want to be completely Catholic.


And even, we do not say that the seat is vacant, but it is occupied and very much occupied. Occupied by the “pope” of the conciliar sect who cannot be the Pope of the Catholic Church, he who is the persecutor of the catholic Faith. It would be blasphemy.

As the Very Holy Virgin Mary taught us, the Church is eclipsed, Rome has lost its Faith and the seat is occupied by an antichrist. The seat is usurped (To usurp: to seize, to appropriate without the right to do so) by a usurper, by an “antichrist” as Mgr Lefebvre used to say often.

By rejecting the concilair sect, it becomes simple, clear, and effective.

By bringing down the combat to only sedevacantism, we see more and more incomprehensible disputes of supposed and conceited theologians who make philosophical-theological-canonical-historical-spiritual-intellectual mixtures, more or less, and even more than less, for and against sedevacantism, where a cat would not find his kittens, and where everybody excommunicates himself without understanding each other. Where to a text of 732.000 pages (It is important however to underline that if some members of the Fraternity Saint-Pius X attack sedevacantism, they never publish anything about this matter, because they know that they cannot develop any written argument without a stinging refutation), they add a complementary note of 3.732.000 other pages which looks scholarly and that nobody reads or understands. With an insinuation: “you cannot understand, you have to be a theologian to understand. They all tell us: “you are too simplistic, it is more complicated”.

Idiots!  Pedants! You are the ones who make everything more difficult.

It is not simplistic, It is simple







And we all choose: (THE CRITERIA OF CHOICE IS THE FAITH, NOT OBEDIENCE. Obedience to whom? to herectics, to apostates? To persecutors of the true FAITH?)

- We are the true FAITH which gives eternal Life, the true Church which gives the true sacraments and the teaching of the Truth;

They are a church which does not give the true sacraments, which teaches errors, and a simulacrum of faith which cannot lead to the eternal Life. That is all.

We cannot solve the problem generated by the conciliar sect. Whether we have religious or laymen, none of us can bring the solution.

Only God can do it. Let have Him take care of if.

Let’s not trouble ourselves with this task. There is no point in trying to solve this crisis. Those who wished to do it by electing a pope lost their heads.

On the contrary, every day we must live through our actions, and think as a true Catholic. This is our duty.

Let’s not be mistaken.

It is not the Holy Mass, the eternal teaching which is a problem. Amongst us, there is no doubt about the truth, its validity, etc…

What is a problem is N.O.M., the conciliar teaching.

Let’s not be disturbed by their words, by their attacks.

It is not us who will disappear.

It is not they who will triumph.

They already are condemned to death.

They wanted to remove the title of Catholic so dear to us. They wanted to steal it from us.

They wanted to make fools of us by the name of sedevacantist. They are the heretics and apostates.

They tried to make us doubt, whereas thousand doubts do not make the truth. Let us not be afraid.


We are Catholic.

They are not the Catholics; it is they who must convert.




I want to go to heaven to spend my eternity with the saints and the angels, to contemplate the Very Holy Trinity.

I want to go to heaven to sing for ever the praises of my Savior and Redeemer, the Solus Sanctus, the Solus Dominus, the Solus Altissimus JESUS CHRISTUS, the promised Messiah, the incarnate God.

I want to go to heaven and thank the Beloved of the Very Holy Trinity for ever, my Queen, my Mother, and the very holy Virgin Mary.

I do not want to spend my eternity with Satan, with the devils and the damned I hate.

I know that to go to heaven I need the Catholic Faith. Without the sacraments we can reach heaven with difficulty, but without the Faith, it is impossible.

I know that the Catholic Church can neither err itself nor lead us into error, and it has always taught the Truth and only the Truth.

It is only the Catholic Church which can give me the true Faith.

I know what the Catholic Faith is; it is that has been taught and lived up to Vatican II, this Vatican II which founded the conciliar sect which is not Catholic.

 I know that the Catholic Church is eclipsed, but I know that the very minutes after a complete eclipse, the eclipsed ends and His holy Church will appear again more holy, more beautiful, and stronger.

Believing in what has always been believed, doing what has always been done, I reject everything that this conciliar sect teaches, believes and does, mixing the true and the false, the church of lies which cannot help me to acquire the Eternal Life.

I require true Catholic priests to teach me the Faith, the true Faith, all the Truth, and only the Truth.

I require them to give me the true sacraments, the only sacraments that give us the essential grace to go to heaven.

They will only be able to go to heaven on these terms. They will only help me to go to heaven on these terms.

 I want Him to reign over us.

Today, He Reigns through the misdeeds of His absence, I pray for Him to reign tomorrow through the blessings of His presence.

I pray that, at the earliest, the immaculate heart of our holy Mother, Queen of France, triumphs over all Her enemies, as She promised.

I pray that Christ, King of France, rules as soon as possible over France to free His Kingdom of all His enemies.

I pray that His Lieutenant founds the Christian society which will help us to go to heaven.

I pray for His Reign of Mercy and Love, which He promised, convert those who are innocently led astray and that all live under His light yoke.

Being in the Militant Catholic Church, I fight for His Will to be done.

And I know that this Will is to reign over France and through France over the World.

I refuse to militate for any other solution, knowing that He is the All-Mighty and not wishing the blasphemy by confusing His Will with any other human venture.










«Let’s love the defenders of the truth. They are only men who may have failings, but when defending the Truth, they give to Society, to the Church, and to God Himself, the first of all services. The more I think of it, more I am worried by the mass of false ideas in which we are drowning; the more I understand this absolute decadence of so many people that history recounts.

«IT IS ERROR RATHER THAN VICE THAT HAS DAMNED THEM. The evil comes from the sophists who make reputation by giving an attractive form to the error. Vice, and even crime, have borders, error does none”.

«IT IS IMPORTANT TO SAY THE TRUTH WITHOUR TRICKERY OR SHARP PRACTICE; I do not know anything more dangerous than people spreading false ideas, under the pretext that the nation would never give them up. If the nation renounces, does not give them up, it will perish; but that is not a reason for speeding up decadence by adopting error. There is no other rule for reform than looking for the truth and to speaking it out without reserve, whatever happens. I imagine that a prudent man can temporarily be dumb about the truth, even though I condemn this prudence, but I reject any man who joins the side of error by policy”.

Eminence Delassus, Religious Week of Cambrai, 1884, p.735





The Friends of Christ King of France» do not want to save France, or the Church. They know that only our Lord Jesus Christ can do it, by choosing His Vicar and His Lieutenant.

They know that the only adversary is Satan and his troops, especially «The Revolution» which had only one goal: To make an outlaw of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Friends of Christ King of France want Him to rule us.

They know how to stay in their place of subjects and those who are clergy do not think that they are the spiritual power, and those who are laymen do not think that they are the temporal power.

They only want to prepare their eternal salvation, by loving and by loving only the Very Holy Trinity.

As History of the last 200 years has led them to understand that any other action was ineffective and made them lose Faith, their action, which is the most beautiful and the most effective of all actions contents itself with praying to Our Lord for His Holy will to be done, this means for His Kingdom come, and with making this message known to every one. Therefore, they refuse to be involved in politics in the modern way, rather using their time and their energy to do His civil duties.

They are neither a political party nor an organized group, but believers, faithful to the Faith, to the Religion and in to their Father’s way of life. They believe and they do what has always been believed in and practised.

. They are dedicated to the Very Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of France and they want to deserve to be the friends of Christ, King of France. Every day they recite the Prayer of the Francs.

«I do not call you servants anymore, but friends» John, XV, 15.

«My Lord to whom would we go? You alone have the words of eternal life.

And we have believed and we have known that You are the Holy of God”John, VI, 68-69



Available at the Editions Saint Remi



The most important event of the History of France The history and the lessons of the “Triple Donation” of the kingdom of France, on Tuesday the 21st of June 1429 at Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire. He is King of France, He is our King, and we wish Him to reign over us.



A file created from the teaching of the anti-liberals.

Nobody should talk about pendulum before reading these documents.


«INTERPRETATION OF THE APOCALYPSE» by the Venerable Barthélémi HOLZHAUSER. Selected and annotated by L-H REMY.

«Everything is in Holzhauser» Jean Vaquié. Further most important prophecies. Extracts concerning the fifth and the sixth ages, followed by a few other prophecies concerning the times we are living in now.



The title says it all. A problem to be studied carefully because in a Church in order, every Christian must be in union with his bishop and with his Pope.

Does Una Cum mean pray for? Is it a new problem? What are the lessons of history? Where are we today in the disorder of the Church? What is the risk for the Una Cums?



Why has the Very Virgin Mary chosen this word? What is an eclipse? What lessons are there be learned?



Just a brochure to recall some texts of Mgr Lefebvre, occulted or forgotten, and nevertheless very important. At the end of his life he used to say often:

It is not possible that these Popes are the successors of Peter. What are we to think of it?



The marran civilisation where man is two-faced is replacing the Christian civilisation founded upon Unity.


It is not only a matter of reforming our classical education, but rather our philosophical, scientific, historical, artistic education.


If I have demanded above all, before anything else, reform of classical education, it is because it is like the baby bottle from which young souls suck a milk which is neither Christian, nor French, has trained hydrid generations, strong in evil, but without energy for the good, because they lack pratriotism and faith.

we have to become what our fathers were to survive, christian and french. The only way to become such, is THROUGH A CHRISTIAN AND FRENCH EDUCATION.

Mgr gaume, pius ix and the classical studies.


We live at a time when the truth is too often either lost or hidden, or obscured by errors. What we believe to be true is frequently false; and an error that is not disproved but repeated, is taken to be a truth. It is difficult to correct it.

So it is then unfortunately very common to see that he who denounces error is violently attacked, suspected of creating division.




The only question that we should ask is: are we in the truth or in the wrong? Each of us must bring his documents and be judged. We make ourselves temporarily enemies, sometimes violent enemies, but what does that matter!

Where to find the truth again?

– In the books of anti-liberal authors who have not only taught the truth but have attacked error and those who propagate it.

The anti-liberal school has seen all, has studied all. Its teaching is complete and without any errors. This school lasted from Mirare Vos, 1832, up to the death of Saint Pius X, 1914.


Louis-Hubert REMY specializes himself in the research on all anti-liberal writers and on all their writings. (All the authors are available from the Editions Saint-Remi, BP 80 – 33410 CADILLAC – FRANCE

http://editons.saint.remi.chez.tiscali.fr and http://www.saint-remi.fr/ )

Not less than 200 authors, clergy and laymen, (many disinterred), 70 themes studied and meditated, 1500 referenced manuals, 20 years of persistent work, the defence of these truths “without trickery or sharp practice”, and therefore the contrary of many of our ignorant and two-faced enemies

President of the Friends of Jesus Christ King of France, he distributes a short bulletin of combat which is possible to order at: Editions Saint-Remi, BP 80 – 33410 CADILLAC – FRANCE. http://www.saint-remi.fr/